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last month has been an incredibly busy month.

so this post, I think, is going to be composed entirely of lists – in the vein of one of my mentors, tung paddy AKA lor3nMC.

let’s kick it off with a list about food, because I haven’t eaten yet today.

The Top 5 Asian Dishes That Make Me Moan Moan Moan

5. Bulgogi (Korea)

beef. its what for dinner for angry korean men.

beef. it's what for dinner. for angry korean men.

think about it: perfectly seasoned, thinly-sliced, melt in your mouth beef. Who can say no? Well, ok, vegetarians and the KKK, but yeah, I’m ok with that.

4. Chinese Dim Sum



basically the same principle as Taiwanese Night Markets, but with two main differences: 1. the dishes are mostly steamed, and 2. servers bring different dishes around to you ON CARTS.  JUST LIKE MARIO CART DOUBLE DASH. I especially adore the beef balls and the calamari.

3. Pho (Vietnam)

Phouck Yeah.

Pho-uck Yeah.

I. LOVE. THIS. DISH. I dream about it, it is the fabric of my fantasy.

2. Sushi/Sashimi (Japan)

minus the naked girl.

naked girl optional.

I can not get enough of Sushi or Sashimi. In fact, Windowsilk once challenged me to a sushi eating contest, and he actually managed to eat 93 pieces. Of course, I had to defend my honor, and I finished the fight and came in on top with 101 pieces. IT WAS GLORIOUS! Unfortunately, my reigning moment only lasted a few minutes before Windowsilk and I both split off (see: ran as fast as possible while screaming) into separate areas to puke. I later learned that he actually puked blood, while I emptied the contents of my stomach in a parking lot – next to the parked car of a horrified driver still sitting in it. Just ask Shades of Grey, he was there.

1. Taiwan Night Market

Stinky Tofu. Stinks SO GOOD.

Stinky Tofu. Stinks SO GOOD.

taking the gold BABY. basically the only reason you need to go back to my beautiful homeland of Taiwan. It’s a beautiful concept, all the most AMAZING dishes in one location. Like little drops of Heaven, these dishes are all in the perfect size for you to satisfy your craving but not gorge yourself entirely on one dish. Some notable dishes are: oyster pancakes, stinky tofu, bubble tea, shaved ice, octopus balls, onion pancakes SO GOOD SO GOOD.

Honorable Mention: Pad Thai (Thailand)

ok, now I’m hungrier than ever! GOOD JOB DEBUTANTE.

now as many of y’all know, I am a sneaker connoisseur, I live and breath sneakers, and have almost failed a couple of classes because I drew pictures of kicks on the exams instead of actually answering any questions. So this list should be pretty expected.

These are the companies that I’ve had my eyes on due to their presence in the game.

Top 3 Sneaker Companies Most Respected by Debutante

3. Visvim



Fans: Lupe Fiasco, John Mayer

If you have any knowledge in the game right now, you’d know that Visvim is legendary for their comfort and quality (Nike, take notes). Though they are more expensive than the average release price ($300~500 retail), they are totally worth it. The dressy aesthetic give these babies a more grown, timeless look, and the high-grade leather and heavily padded insole and sole should make sure that you can rock these until the apocalypse.

2. Vans

high class skate rat, bitches

high class skate rats, bitches

Fans: Nas, Pharrell, white boy hypebeasts everywhere.

for what started out as the first skate company, Vans has grown into an insane corporation, stepping up their game tenfold with each release. The above model, the Half Cab, is one of the most popular models, and is definitely giving the Nike Dunk model a run for its money. With other models in their arsenal like the Sk8-hi, Chukka, Slip-on, Old Skool, and a separate line dedicated only to the highest quality and fashion (Syndicate), Vans is rising to the top at breakneck speed. But they are still not enough for the monster that is…

1. Nike

(for picture, see: sex)

How obvious is the number one spot? I normally hate to be so predictable or stereotypical, but the truth is,  Nike won’t be caught up to by ANYONE in at least another 10 years. With several SEPARATELY established entities like Jordan Brand, Nike SB, Nike ACG, Nike AF1, and Nike Sportswear, each in its own right a giant, Nike is set. for good. I think it’s safe to call me a Nikehead, which of course, means Nike’s bitch.

Fun Fact: Nike is really rough in bed.


Honorable Mentions: Supra, Clae, Pointer

Finally, this is a list that I’ve wanted to make for a while, and I don’t think anyone will appreciate this list except for Androdroid, but it’s of the utmost importance to me.

So without further ado…

The 5 Best Jay Chou Songs EVER

I will out-sex you.

I will out-sex you.

This is by far the hardest list I’ve ever had to make, and I’ve had to make some pretty agonizingly hard lists in my life (top 3 bath salt brands, top 5 scotch tape brands, etc.) But yeah, this is like asking, “what are your favorite ice cream flavors?” (answer: all of them) or “do you like living?” (answer: yes). But I’ll give it my best shot.

5. Tornado (龍捲風)

album: Jay

the first album proved to be an instant success for Jay, and this song is definitely one of the best tracks on there. With its mesmerizing chorus and sappy synth loop in the background, it made me soft in the knees.

4.Cloudless Day (晴天)

album: Ye Hui Mei

It took 3 seconds of this song for me to fall in love with it. Its message of heroic desperation and fight against fate really soothed my turmoils at the time. It’s still a staple in my playlists.

3.Fragrant Rice (稻香)

album: Capicorn

the current single off Jay’s new album, this song is SO OPTIMISTIC. and I may be lying when I say that I DIDN’T cry when I watched the MV for this song. This song gives me hope – both for Jay’s career, and for my own musical endeavors.

2. Simple Love (簡單愛)

album: Fantasy

This is a lot of people’s favorite Jay song, it’s a very simple but catchy song about puppy love and the innocence that comes with the beginning of a relationship. With Jay’s composition skills and Vivian Hsu’s lyrics, this combination was irresistible.


1. Adorable Woman (可愛女人)

album: Jay

The first time my cousin introduced me to Jay, he told me to listen to this song. I promptly put the CD he gave me in a stack of other music and immediately forgot about it. It was around 2 in the morning of a particular rough night due to fighting with the parents that I remembered this CD and put it on. This was the first track, and I fell in love with Jay faster than you can say “fanboy.” It’s been a wild ride with Jay ever since, but I’ve never been disappointed. Not even once.

…ok, except for when he wrote the song about cowboys.

Honorable Mention: Tornado, Love Before The Century, Nocturne, Rainbow, Sunshine Otaku, Faraway, Retreat, The Backwards Clock, EVERY JAY CHOU SONG EVER (except for the cowboy song).

but yeah, hope y’all enjoyed reading these lists.

opinions? comments?

much love/Godbless,



2:28 PM – Eminem, Britney Spears, Akon, Kanye West, and David Choi

•October 17, 2008 • 3 Comments

What’s up Guys! So, NYU update – super busy, got to restart my screenplay because the movie I was writing turned out to be Eagle Eye but that’s all good. Here is what is up. Most of you don’t know this but I have a love for finding music EARLY. Like super early, my best find ever was finding “One Republic – Apologize” almost a year early before it got super popular. So something new I’m going to do in this blog is to update you weekly with new music I’ve found. Most of it you’ll already know, maybe? But if not, I’ll try to have the newest music here that I find every week. =)

Top Five New things for the week.

New Britney Song Womanizer! Its Catchy! Hate to say it!

New Britney Song Womanizer! It's Catchy! Hate to say it!

1. Britney Spears – Womanizer – aight, sorry this song is like three weeks old now but ya. Check it out. As crappy as Britney’s gotten. She’s still putting out things that sounds like hits. haha. C’mon. “Gimme More” was pretty damn good. And plus, she’s not fat anymore! Click the picture or below to go directly to the video.

2. New Eminem, song, relapse. It’s been what, four years?

Who cares if its good or not. Its new eminem!

New Eminem, who cares if it’s good or not. He’s back! I read that this song is just a freestyle preview for the new album relapse but who cares. Check it out! Miss ya buddy! Yes, I just called Eminem my buddy.

Hes a punk but hes earned his right to be a punk.

3. Kanye West – Love Lockdown, a lot of people hate Kanye because he’s so pompous and thinks he’s God’s gift to the world but maybe he is because damn he is good. Check out his new song. completely Awesome. haha. This will be hot on the radio soon. Better be!
Don’t tell Kanye but I think the mix tape remix is even better so check that out too. Right here. –> Damn, I can’t find it anymore, youtube has been flooded with Remixes.

4. Akon – Bend Dat Ass Ova – The song is hilarious. He pretty much says he can get ass now cuz he’s rich.

Go hip hop and then he says Bend Dat Ass Ova a lot. Also awesome. ahahah. Go RAP!

5. David Choi – Womanizer – He’s a youtube celebrity but I like his version of Womanizer a lot for some reason. He’s an inhouse song writer at Warner so he’s legit. Check it out and support Asian American Artists!

So ya. Sorry it’s so messy. Still figuring out this blog but ya. I’ll do this again if people like it. =)



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I wanted to be part of this “hooking up” commentary. Let me just give you a little background before I begin.

1. I’m pretty critical of most things

2. …including the video project some of us bloggers put up, which while watchable, wasn’t exactly my style.

3. I think I like kevjumba more than anyone else in this group, as well as nigahiga!!!

4. I’m not going to describe the plot to you.  Just watch it here :

Video diary of watching hooking up:

14 seconds: WHO THE FUCK IS THIS NARRATOR!! “…including free internet.  You’d think they’d use it for education.”  Is Internet in college the latest craze? This line and its random sarcasm just boggles my mind and it makes me wonder who the hell this show was marketed towards.  Are people watching this and thinking “Oh man! Thats just like us! We totally don’t use the internet for our education that often!”.

but… maybe it was just a poor intro to set up the premise of the first episode.  Hooking up still has hope.

26 seconds: I kinda like the theme song, it gives me one of those “day of our lives passing by” kinda feelings.  The tagline “you don’t learn everything in college” seems overdone though.  I should look it up later.

34 seconds: AHH kevjumba’s character name is Ryan… NIGAHIGA for life

40 seconds: Okay, between 34 and 40 seconds the both kevjumba and SXEphil scoffed at one another.  This might be unrelated to the show but real people DONT make that “pshh” sound because its just a complete asshole move.  Wouldn’t you be weirded out if you were asking your friend “hey, do you know when (blank) is due)” and they respond with “PSHHH, I don’t know? ask someone!”.  Because you didn’t figure out that you should ask someone right? You were just sitting there and thinking, “What do I typically do when I need information that my friends/acquaintances might know?”

50 seconds: Don’t really have the same problem with the “use facebook” line.  My issue is more with the layout of the room.  Do people really decorate like this shit?  This is such a stock college room.  Sexy girl poster? check.  Dartboard, check. Colorful random accessories? check. Just some typical college guys, chilling in their room… yessir

1:03 :And to the stock girl room… fluffy random stuff? check.  General pink and purple coloring? you get my point.  I’m sure a lot of people actually decorate like this.  But i hate those people.

1:07 : Baskdude69? First of all, this implies he created this screenname after entering college right? I don’t know anyone who just has so fucking little creativity by the time they enter college that their screen name has the name of their college in it or anyone who has “69” in their screenname that isn’t one of those IM Pornsite Bots.  I’m beginning to get the picture that this whole show is just stock shit.

1:32 : I dunno, maybe during Perspectives class, SXEphil saved her from a pack of hungry mountain lions or some shit like that.  Otherwise, can’t really understand the attraction.

1:38 : This brunette girl is really jewish.  Just a thought.

1:51 : At this point I am realizing that this episode is basically going to be a back and forth between the two rooms.  Nothing wrong with that, I like Grease.

2:00 : Okay, how the hell did lonelygirl get to college without flirting with a guy online? Why is she completely inept at this, to the point that she needs her friend to dictate the lines to her? Maybe she was part of some crazy cult and was killed off by one of the elders?

2:37 : This could seriously be a show about middle-schoolers.  I can’t stress this enough… Also the saying what you type thing is an issue for me.

2:53 : I kinda like this “whats the freaking reading” synonymously.  I mean its unrealistic, but that ship sailed a while ago.  The way kevjumba and SXEPhil’s heads bob in unison reflects the kind of friendship that I want.

3:10 : Oh my god, the parallels between these two parties are amazing!  They lead to comical situations such as one group watching t.v., while the other group waits for a response so they can watch t.v.  Oh gosh, how men and women misunderstand one another! Its just like Seinfeld!

3:30 : Okay this is just completely incongruent and lazy.  Why would lonelygirl leave so willingly only to suddenly struggle to get back to the chat?  That scene while the two of them were watching “The Hills” must’ve been god awful.

3:38  : Jewish girl knew the reading the whole time?!  This is the twist of the episode right?  wait…


4:05 : OR is this it? SXEphil may need to ask lonelygirl about polisci! this might lead to these two groups merging and specifically to the beginning of a CRAzy romance.  You fucking moron whiteboy, learn to multitask!

4:22: Ahh, stop pushing and pulling at my emotions!!! Why can’t these two parties just communicate better? … Busty black girl is cute though.  Once again, love the synonymous talking.

Okay… Honestly, as I watched this show I just felt like some points (awful acting, predictability) weren’t worth mentioning.  After one episode, I definitely think our show is the better one… but inferior to this video:

props Insertwittynamehere

– Windowsilk

2:10 AM – HBO LAB “Hooking Up” Web Series On Youtube

•October 3, 2008 • 5 Comments

From left to right: Lonelygirl15, KevJumba, some random girl and SxePhil star in Hbo lab's new web series. Hooking Up.

For those of you who know me in person, you’ll know that there is a special pain in my hurt as I watch Hooking Up become a huge web series. I’ll explain briefly but pretty much, I approached KevJumba last December about posting a web series on his channel. We would eventually bring him in as one of the stars in season 2 and 3 after he made season 1 popular. We sent updates and scripts to Kevjumba and he always replied and he was very excited until one day he stopped replying. It was the day after he saw the our show. We kept sending email after email but he never replied, I never knew what happened but now it all makes sense. Hooking up IS EXACTLY MY IDEA that I talked to Kevjumba about. A webseries about college with him and released on HIS CHANNEL, which is what they actually did, release it on his channel. Now I am not accusing Kevjumba at all of stealing my idea and selling it to HBO, I honestly think HBO and I had the same idea at the same time. But anyways I wanted to talk about and review the show.

Review. “Hooking Up” episode one and two.

The show isn’t a complete disaster. It’s actually pretty good. It’s entertaining, it’s kind of funny and enough for me to want to watch it twice which me says, good job guys. However there are a couple of things that did bother me.

Alright, I get it, these aren’t professional actors. KevJumba and SXEphil aren’t as bad as everybody is saying. My problem is really the director. KevJumba and SXEPhil come up very charismatic on their own shows but come out stiff here. I honestly think it was because they were being forced to read off scripts instead of being allowed to improv freely, something they are much more comfortable doing. Lonelygirl and the other girl are overacting a little, giving this show a tone two steps above reality. But at least it’s consistent.

What makes me give this a more negative review is the writing. It’s non specific and just lazy. The writer CLEARLY doesn’t know this world of facebook/myspace as well as he thinks he does. In the first scene when SXEPHIL is trying to find a girl in his class, KevJumba tells him to “use facebook.” Lonelygirls’ friend says the same thing to her, “use facebook.” Now for a show that is selling itself as the voice of the young people who are extremely connected by the internet, the term “use facebook” is COMPLETLY wrong and awkward. The REAL TERM one would use is “facebook it” yes. That is what real people say Mr. Hooking Up writer. If you’re going to base a show around facebook, AT LEAST GET THE FUCKING TERMINOLOGY RIGHT.

Another point to show that Mr. Hooking up writer doesn’t know his audience, SXEPHIL IM’S Lonelygirl15 RANDOMLY and Lonelygirl15 gets SUPER EXCITED. I’m sorry but to tell you. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. Fine I’ll over look that a girl like Lonelygirl15 would SO EASILY fall for a guy like SXEPhil. For a guy like SXEPhil to get a girl like lonelygirl15, he’d have to do a lot more, him randmoly IMMING her would come off as a stalker creeper, not a “omg, it’s sxephil who immed me, i’ve wanted to fuck him so much.” NOOO! Sorry Mr.Hookingup Writer. YOU are wrong. THIS IS NOT HOW the world of facebook works. A hot girl like lonelygirl15 probably woudln’t even be able to be searched, you’d have to have her as a friend first cuz hot girls think everybody is stalking them. PLEASE guys are just after you for ass and they are after everything for ass. So yes. There you go failing again at knowing this world.

SXEphil and his brother in the 2nd episode is also an awkward scene. First off, his brother should be ALL OVER the fact that SXEphil has the connection to hot freshman girls for his brother to “hook up” with.  The show does redeem itself with SxePhil texting lonelygirl15 instead but we don’t get to see that scene when the guys teach the rules to SXEphil. Great job mr. hooking up writer, you missed ur chance again to show that you will do anything other than HBO lab shows.

To Mr. Hooking up writer, you really needed to take a NeoClassical approach (the main dramatic method that took place circa 1300-1500s) to this subject matter with non particulatr dialogue and characters since your attempt at “facebook slang”  has hugely failed. You don’t know enough about this world to be that particular. Films like Shakespeare in Love, Lord of the Rings, Beckett, hugely benefited from a classic non particular Neoclassical appraoch. The dialogue in Shakespeare in Love seems authentic but is obviously not how they actually spoke, same goes for the other fims. Mr. Hooking up Writer probably doesn’t have the faintest idea what I just explained to him but that is fine because he writes for HBO lab and will probably never need to know that. Most writers wouldn’t, I think I’m just trying to show off my education a little to make myself feel better that my idea to release a show like that would be a huge success.

So congrats to KevJumba and Sxephil. To Kevjumba, HBOlab will use you until you are useless to them. I really hope you are happy with the choice you made. I would have taken you along and trained you how to write as well as act.  Our sitcom could have made history together. All you had to do was reply and just say this is what you were doing. Seriously. But you coudln’t do that, and in that manner, you acted classless. But best of luck to ya and I do wish you the best with this.

As to Lonelygirl15, DAMN you are fine. You are too hot for Sxephil. To Sxephil, CONGRATs, I hope you get to make out with lonelygirl15 in the show.

To Androroid, i’m not sure which service I’m going too but I’ll hopefully cya sunday! haha.


dont look at me, creeper

•October 1, 2008 • 3 Comments

so part of accepting this gig was having to write an introduction piece. not sure how the idea of introduction goes along with the act of hiding behind a pseudonym but hey im open to new ideas.

im your prototypical run of the mill guy who thinks hes both complex and simple at the same time. my mysteries are really not all that mysterious. my compliments are veiled sarcastic observations, but every once in a while a genuine one will slip through my radar.

im both optimistic and pessimistic about life, depends on how i feel at the moment and the cards im dealt. i have issues with trust, i trust too much. im slow to anger, but i hold grudges fairly simply. at the same time, i can forgive you in a heartbeat…as long as i care about you that is. generally mild-tempered, but when im excited, i can be a bit sardonic and difficult to get along with. i have no aim in life, except with the guiding idea of wanting to make an impact on peoples lives. how im going to do that is beyond me.

i have problems controlling my emotions and this can often land me in hot water with the female population. im no whore, but i find myself playing with peoples emotions far too easily. on a similar note, i am no ladies man but ive never found it particularly hard to garner the attention of the person im after. the problem comes in maintaining said attention. i fail epically.

my life is a series of regrets, each one holds a special place in my heart. i often wonder if i should just quit life and just vege for eternity. whenever inspiration strikes, ill take time off to ponder the esoteric and ridiculous.

im an avid blogger…whenever i remember to do so. i think i have some sort of mild ocd, but im too lazy to check it out. hypochondriac much?

basically i live a regretful, boring, whorish life.

…jk im actually quite cheerful and good natured. that was just me attempting to be something more than i seem. another character trait. ill try to be more upbeat next time. no promises.

-the parisian

Another post on Subway Rides….U Never Know Who U Would Run Into

•October 1, 2008 • 2 Comments

This Sunday, as I was riding the 6 train to church….I saw a guy getting on the train and sat down across from me.  I thought he might be Mr. Insertwittynamehere……but I couldn’t be sure…..because it has been 6 yrs since I last saw him.  So I tried to analyse his face, his outfit, his bag with limited vision that’s being blocked by ppl in between.  And my probability came out to be 90% sure.  And just as I anticipated, we were getting off at the same stop.  As we were walking parallel out of the train, we looked at each other and called out each other’s name with a slight sense of uncertainty.  Bingo!  We were both right.  haha.  Another chapter adding to the stories of “I ran into someone I haven’t seen for years in NY today”  NY really is the place to be.  Being it’s a walkable city and events going on everywhere, it always surprises me to see who I would run into next.  Some are pleasant, some are not.  But of course, this one being utterly pleasant.

So Me and Mr. IWNH sat together at Redeemer and had dinner afterwards to catch up….while Mr. Debutane interrupted our dinner with a phone call:  “You ran into Natalie Portman?!” hhaha, just kidding, it was good to hear your voice.

I guess that’s why New Yorkers tend to dress better than rest of the States?  Maybe they had to be prepared to run into the unexpected on daily basis.  But FYI, it was my lazy Sunday…I did not dress up or even wore much make up.

And yea, that reminded me.  I also ran into Ms. Againstthewaves few weeks ago in Chelsea galleries area.  So, when will I be running into rest of the bloggers here?

faster fox’ing

•September 23, 2008 • 2 Comments

HEY HEY, ready to have your eyes opened? This post will change many lives…

ok, to the men out there, this is how you download porn stronger, FASTER, BETTER!

to the woman… well i’m not quite sure why you’d want these tools… just kidding make your firefox prettier!!! … but most importantly FASTER PORN, what guy can pass on that

Anyways, today I’m going to break down my favorite firefox add-ons, i do not take credit for creating any of these, in fact these developers are AMAZING, and they deserve all the credit. But i truly believe that taking 10 minutes to do this will make your internet browsing experience 1000% better, no joke

But really, spend the 5 minutes of clicking these links, it is totally worth it. and if you don’t have it already GET FIREFOX 3, what are you surfing on if it an’t firefox….crackhead

I’ll break the add ons into categories, first off, Appearance

Ad Block Plus

Ok, ever annoyed of shockwave ads, picture ads, infact almost any kind of ad out there? well you can STOP THEM! installing adblock will reduce 95% of your ads, and for that pesky 5%? you can manually block it so that you’ll never see it again on your favorite websites! (you may need to install grease monkey to use it, i forgot its been too long, grease monkey is a script editing program for firefox,


for those of you that use Google or yahoo to search, this definitely a must, when you preform a search it automatically grabs a screen shot of the page and puts it next to the link, saving you the click, crap wrong page, back

Better Gmail

For those Gmailers out there, you can basically customize your gmail experience and hide a LOT of those annoying boxes, change the colors and create accurate labels

IE Tab

if on the off chance you enter a website on firefox and it renders in a complete disaster, its probably because the webpage was written for IE (internet explorer) so use this handy dandy tab to have an IE load within firefox, saving yourself from opening that cumbersum program


Anyone try google chrome only to uninstall it 15 minutes later? well that was me, but i couldn’t forget that great website cache that pulled up everytime you opened chrome, your favorite websites when you open your browser, all in clear organized thumbnails. Well speedtabs does just that so go get it!


Perhaps the only thing i miss from Internet Explorer, the tab behaviors, I was sick of pressing CTRL+T to open a new tab only to have the URL from my old tab disappear, well, you can have that back with this you can also change the behavior of opening a new tab to open your home page or another pre-defined URL


for those of with faster computers (i have a 1.6 Ghz centrino with 1.5 gig of ram dell 700m and it isn’t worth the resourse trade off) this is definately a visually pleasing program, hover over any link and get a preview of that page! it works on any link unlike google preview which works only for yahoo and google


Perhaps the most visually pleasing thing i’ve ever seen for firefox, this program creates a 3D wall of images for a search of a wealth of sites: yahoo flcker amazon youtube… just search something and drool a little. its visually pleasing, and will ohh and awe people but the lack of support for other sites brings it down a little on my efficiency list, but definitely worth it if you are the type that dresses to impress and this program is a bit of a resource hog so same caveat as before newer comp…sigh…

And for the woman…spice up your firefox with these themes

Black theme:

Silver theme:


Baby Blue

Ok for the guys!

DOWNLOADING (p0rn)….just kidding

Video Downloadhelper

ever see an embedded video/song that you just wish you had, well wish no more, download helper will find that stream and let you take it where you please! works on 99% of streamed information. please don’t abuse this program though, artists and the creative community still need your support!


For those of you who have ever been to a website and needed to download a bunch of pictures, files or other things. this program will save you that time, it allows you to type in extensions to narrow down files and download them in one click. So if you need to download a bunch of word documents just type in .doc in the extension and it’ll do it for you, it has many extensions already categorized, pictures (jpeg gif png) videos (mp4 wmv avi) and music (mp3 wma wav) so go at it!
It also has a GREAT download manager, so if you have crappy wifi or something, this allows you to pause, (TRULY pause) a download and start it up again, it also has a download accelerator that keeps your downloads going at the fastest pace possible. And for sites that only allow one download at a time, you can change the behavior of download helper to only download one file at a time, thus not timing out the download. works great for sites like megaupload, really helps in not waiting 45 seconds for every new download


For those who use FTP often, this creates a FTP window inside firefox, allowing for easy file transferring, quick and easy


don’t want to pay hosting fees? use gmail to store your pictures music or anything else. though i must WARN this is against your g-mail end user policy so your account can be terminated for doing this, so create an extra one if you’re going to do this. it pretty much turns gmail into your own file locker, and gives you that amazing 600kbs download from gmail that we all have come to love, i think gmail still has a 10mb upload cap on it so files must be under 10mb each or else you’ll have to winrar them to under 10mb each… if you don’t know how to do that, just ask

Mouse Gestures

For those who have seen me use my computer, you know that i hate clicking on things, i use hotkeys and other tricks to make my movements blazing fast. so here is one that will make yours faster. GESTURES. Instead of looking for that back button, forward, refresh, close, minimize, maxamize button, just use a gesture on your screen to do your bidding, so simple and effective you’ll never go back after installing this

ok i hope you all have enjoyed this and try at least one of the programs, they will revolutionize the way you surf the net.

lastly, learn the firefox hot keys, the important ones are bolded

Add Bookmark Ctrl + D
Back Alt + Left Arrow
Bookmarks List Ctrl + B
Ctrl + I
Caret Browsing F7
Close Tab Ctrl + W
Ctrl + F4
Close Window Ctrl + Shift + W
Alt + F4
Open previously closed tab
Ctrl + Shift + T
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Decrease Text Size Ctrl + –
Delete Delete
Delete Autocomplete Entry Shift + Delete
Downloads List Ctrl + J
Find Again F3
Ctrl + G
Find Link As You Type
Find Text As You Type /
Find Previous Shift + F3
Find in This Page Ctrl + F
Forward Shift + Backspace
Alt + Right Arrow
Full Screen F11
History List Ctrl + H
Home Alt + Home
Increase Text Size Ctrl + +
Move to Next Frame F6
Move to Previous Frame Shift + F6
Bottom of Page End
Top of Page Home
New Tab Ctrl + T
Next Tab Ctrl + Tab
Ctrl + PageDown
New Window Ctrl + N
Open File Ctrl + O
Open Address in New Tab Ctrl + Enter
Open Address in New Window Shift + Enter
Page Source Ctrl + U
Paste Ctrl + V
Previous Tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Ctrl + Page Up
Print Ctrl + P
Redo Ctrl + Y
Ctrl + Shift + Z
Reload F5
Ctrl + R
Reload Override Cache Ctrl + F5
Ctrl + Shift + R
Restore Text Size Ctrl + O
Save Page As Ctrl + S
Select All Ctrl + A
Select Location Bar Alt + D
Ctrl + L
Select Tab (1 to 9) Ctrl + (1 to 9)
Stop Esc
Undo Ctrl + Z
Web Search Ctrl + E
Ctrl + K

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