dont look at me, creeper

so part of accepting this gig was having to write an introduction piece. not sure how the idea of introduction goes along with the act of hiding behind a pseudonym but hey im open to new ideas.

im your prototypical run of the mill guy who thinks hes both complex and simple at the same time. my mysteries are really not all that mysterious. my compliments are veiled sarcastic observations, but every once in a while a genuine one will slip through my radar.

im both optimistic and pessimistic about life, depends on how i feel at the moment and the cards im dealt. i have issues with trust, i trust too much. im slow to anger, but i hold grudges fairly simply. at the same time, i can forgive you in a heartbeat…as long as i care about you that is. generally mild-tempered, but when im excited, i can be a bit sardonic and difficult to get along with. i have no aim in life, except with the guiding idea of wanting to make an impact on peoples lives. how im going to do that is beyond me.

i have problems controlling my emotions and this can often land me in hot water with the female population. im no whore, but i find myself playing with peoples emotions far too easily. on a similar note, i am no ladies man but ive never found it particularly hard to garner the attention of the person im after. the problem comes in maintaining said attention. i fail epically.

my life is a series of regrets, each one holds a special place in my heart. i often wonder if i should just quit life and just vege for eternity. whenever inspiration strikes, ill take time off to ponder the esoteric and ridiculous.

im an avid blogger…whenever i remember to do so. i think i have some sort of mild ocd, but im too lazy to check it out. hypochondriac much?

basically i live a regretful, boring, whorish life.

…jk im actually quite cheerful and good natured. that was just me attempting to be something more than i seem. another character trait. ill try to be more upbeat next time. no promises.

-the parisian


~ by sometimelove on October 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “dont look at me, creeper”

  1. i really enjoyed this intro piece, parisian, i’m sure your insightful observations of everyone and everything will be a welcome addition to this blog.

    also, let’s hook up 😉

  2. u sound like me. haha but i’m sure we are very different in many ways. after all, we are all created in unique ways. looking forward to your next entry! actually it would be nice to know your location and “occupation”, would you mind writing a little bit about that?

  3. umm…why is the clock on this blog all fucked up? It’s 4 hours ahead EST.

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