making lists, taking names, counting stars, breaking hearts

last month has been an incredibly busy month.

so this post, I think, is going to be composed entirely of lists – in the vein of one of my mentors, tung paddy AKA lor3nMC.

let’s kick it off with a list about food, because I haven’t eaten yet today.

The Top 5 Asian Dishes That Make Me Moan Moan Moan

5. Bulgogi (Korea)

beef. its what for dinner for angry korean men.

beef. it's what for dinner. for angry korean men.

think about it: perfectly seasoned, thinly-sliced, melt in your mouth beef. Who can say no? Well, ok, vegetarians and the KKK, but yeah, I’m ok with that.

4. Chinese Dim Sum



basically the same principle as Taiwanese Night Markets, but with two main differences: 1. the dishes are mostly steamed, and 2. servers bring different dishes around to you ON CARTS.  JUST LIKE MARIO CART DOUBLE DASH. I especially adore the beef balls and the calamari.

3. Pho (Vietnam)

Phouck Yeah.

Pho-uck Yeah.

I. LOVE. THIS. DISH. I dream about it, it is the fabric of my fantasy.

2. Sushi/Sashimi (Japan)

minus the naked girl.

naked girl optional.

I can not get enough of Sushi or Sashimi. In fact, Windowsilk once challenged me to a sushi eating contest, and he actually managed to eat 93 pieces. Of course, I had to defend my honor, and I finished the fight and came in on top with 101 pieces. IT WAS GLORIOUS! Unfortunately, my reigning moment only lasted a few minutes before Windowsilk and I both split off (see: ran as fast as possible while screaming) into separate areas to puke. I later learned that he actually puked blood, while I emptied the contents of my stomach in a parking lot – next to the parked car of a horrified driver still sitting in it. Just ask Shades of Grey, he was there.

1. Taiwan Night Market

Stinky Tofu. Stinks SO GOOD.

Stinky Tofu. Stinks SO GOOD.

taking the gold BABY. basically the only reason you need to go back to my beautiful homeland of Taiwan. It’s a beautiful concept, all the most AMAZING dishes in one location. Like little drops of Heaven, these dishes are all in the perfect size for you to satisfy your craving but not gorge yourself entirely on one dish. Some notable dishes are: oyster pancakes, stinky tofu, bubble tea, shaved ice, octopus balls, onion pancakes SO GOOD SO GOOD.

Honorable Mention: Pad Thai (Thailand)

ok, now I’m hungrier than ever! GOOD JOB DEBUTANTE.

now as many of y’all know, I am a sneaker connoisseur, I live and breath sneakers, and have almost failed a couple of classes because I drew pictures of kicks on the exams instead of actually answering any questions. So this list should be pretty expected.

These are the companies that I’ve had my eyes on due to their presence in the game.

Top 3 Sneaker Companies Most Respected by Debutante

3. Visvim



Fans: Lupe Fiasco, John Mayer

If you have any knowledge in the game right now, you’d know that Visvim is legendary for their comfort and quality (Nike, take notes). Though they are more expensive than the average release price ($300~500 retail), they are totally worth it. The dressy aesthetic give these babies a more grown, timeless look, and the high-grade leather and heavily padded insole and sole should make sure that you can rock these until the apocalypse.

2. Vans

high class skate rat, bitches

high class skate rats, bitches

Fans: Nas, Pharrell, white boy hypebeasts everywhere.

for what started out as the first skate company, Vans has grown into an insane corporation, stepping up their game tenfold with each release. The above model, the Half Cab, is one of the most popular models, and is definitely giving the Nike Dunk model a run for its money. With other models in their arsenal like the Sk8-hi, Chukka, Slip-on, Old Skool, and a separate line dedicated only to the highest quality and fashion (Syndicate), Vans is rising to the top at breakneck speed. But they are still not enough for the monster that is…

1. Nike

(for picture, see: sex)

How obvious is the number one spot? I normally hate to be so predictable or stereotypical, but the truth is,  Nike won’t be caught up to by ANYONE in at least another 10 years. With several SEPARATELY established entities like Jordan Brand, Nike SB, Nike ACG, Nike AF1, and Nike Sportswear, each in its own right a giant, Nike is set. for good. I think it’s safe to call me a Nikehead, which of course, means Nike’s bitch.

Fun Fact: Nike is really rough in bed.


Honorable Mentions: Supra, Clae, Pointer

Finally, this is a list that I’ve wanted to make for a while, and I don’t think anyone will appreciate this list except for Androdroid, but it’s of the utmost importance to me.

So without further ado…

The 5 Best Jay Chou Songs EVER

I will out-sex you.

I will out-sex you.

This is by far the hardest list I’ve ever had to make, and I’ve had to make some pretty agonizingly hard lists in my life (top 3 bath salt brands, top 5 scotch tape brands, etc.) But yeah, this is like asking, “what are your favorite ice cream flavors?” (answer: all of them) or “do you like living?” (answer: yes). But I’ll give it my best shot.

5. Tornado (龍捲風)

album: Jay

the first album proved to be an instant success for Jay, and this song is definitely one of the best tracks on there. With its mesmerizing chorus and sappy synth loop in the background, it made me soft in the knees.

4.Cloudless Day (晴天)

album: Ye Hui Mei

It took 3 seconds of this song for me to fall in love with it. Its message of heroic desperation and fight against fate really soothed my turmoils at the time. It’s still a staple in my playlists.

3.Fragrant Rice (稻香)

album: Capicorn

the current single off Jay’s new album, this song is SO OPTIMISTIC. and I may be lying when I say that I DIDN’T cry when I watched the MV for this song. This song gives me hope – both for Jay’s career, and for my own musical endeavors.

2. Simple Love (簡單愛)

album: Fantasy

This is a lot of people’s favorite Jay song, it’s a very simple but catchy song about puppy love and the innocence that comes with the beginning of a relationship. With Jay’s composition skills and Vivian Hsu’s lyrics, this combination was irresistible.


1. Adorable Woman (可愛女人)

album: Jay

The first time my cousin introduced me to Jay, he told me to listen to this song. I promptly put the CD he gave me in a stack of other music and immediately forgot about it. It was around 2 in the morning of a particular rough night due to fighting with the parents that I remembered this CD and put it on. This was the first track, and I fell in love with Jay faster than you can say “fanboy.” It’s been a wild ride with Jay ever since, but I’ve never been disappointed. Not even once.

…ok, except for when he wrote the song about cowboys.

Honorable Mention: Tornado, Love Before The Century, Nocturne, Rainbow, Sunshine Otaku, Faraway, Retreat, The Backwards Clock, EVERY JAY CHOU SONG EVER (except for the cowboy song).

but yeah, hope y’all enjoyed reading these lists.

opinions? comments?

much love/Godbless,



~ by sometimelove on October 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “making lists, taking names, counting stars, breaking hearts”

  1. i have to a different top 5 for jay chou…but i don’t feel like sharing…too tired….just got back from work. =(

    Love the PHO! And i still think Chinese food is so much better than Korean food on so many different levels….more culture, more diversity and more art. Sushi is lovely….especially on a hot naked body…..okay…im delirious right now…night kids. send me some new jay chou, mr debutane!

  2. damn that food looks so good. ~InsertWittyNameHere

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