Hope for ye who enter?

Hm, Aight a bit surprised at how personal were making things, but so be it.

You ever have a long night, and after you settle for what comes to around an hour of sleep you wake up and at first the dreams are just so vivid in your mind that you feel like if you just focus on them hard enough and go back to sleep you can just reenter that world?  Then when you start getting ready for school/ or work its like some switch in your head just didn’t turned on, so everything feels a little less than real and your emotions come to the surface easily.  I was in the shower thinking about Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” (i’m not really that big a Hitchcock fan and i’ve only seen parts of the film), and it felt just as real as anything else.  So there I am, freaked out that some sexual misfit is gonna come and stab me in the shower and so I’m hurrying with the shampoo and soap and just rush out of the shower and towel off in the hallway.

But yeah, it got me thinking about the basic switches in our head that control hunger, thirst, sexual desire, other switches that help us discipline ourselves, and finally the switches that some people might just not have period.  Sorry about not having a conclusion on this one, (Is This Sort of Stuff Interesting?).

So for my intro: I’m a student in business, i’m not sure where i’ll be in a year but i’m trying to find a job and I want to go to China, but it seems like these two wishes might be mutually exclusive, or at least for the time being.  So i’ll probably complain about that a good bit.  I like to mock people and things so you’ll probably see a lot of that too.

Interests: HK cinema, NBA, Business News, Serial Killers (HAHAHA, i’ll be telling jokes too) etc.

So I understand the first posts might be a little bit drab but its the same concept as how you can’t read the first pages of a book and figure you know whats going on.

Okay so i’m in a bit of a conundrum with writing this first post.  To give you some background, the writers of this blog for the most part grew up with one another and so I think we all have a pretty set image of each other I think.  Its funny how that works out, meaning that the people you are closest to are the ones you want to hide stuff from the most.  I’m a bit of a coward so I guess i’ll follow your leads on this one.  Personally though, I hope we keep it interesting even if we gotta lie :).  On the other hand, with 3.5 million blogs on this site I can’t imagine how people would find ours.  HEY IF YOUR READING THIS AND YOU DONT PERSONALLY KNOW THIS COULD YOU PLEASE TELL ME HOW YOU FOUND THIS?




~ by sometimelove on July 19, 2008.

One Response to “Hope for ye who enter?”

  1. to answer your question on how i got here:
    basically my crappy home page popped up and i checked out a few articles and found out james franco has a scientifically proven perfect face (?) so i had to check out some pictures on google, which strangley led me here.. and somehow i got caught up and so far ive read about 7 articles moreorless, but now i got to go sleep cause its 6.30 am :S which is pretty effed up and ill probably end up sleeping like 3 hours and im already panicking cause i gotta finish some stuff.
    so i hope i remember to come here again and maybe post another day
    have a nice life

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