I wanted to be part of this “hooking up” commentary. Let me just give you a little background before I begin.

1. I’m pretty critical of most things

2. …including the video project some of us bloggers put up, which while watchable, wasn’t exactly my style.

3. I think I like kevjumba more than anyone else in this group, as well as nigahiga!!!

4. I’m not going to describe the plot to you.  Just watch it here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJrzV-y5a00

Video diary of watching hooking up:

14 seconds: WHO THE FUCK IS THIS NARRATOR!! “…including free internet.  You’d think they’d use it for education.”  Is Internet in college the latest craze? This line and its random sarcasm just boggles my mind and it makes me wonder who the hell this show was marketed towards.  Are people watching this and thinking “Oh man! Thats just like us! We totally don’t use the internet for our education that often!”.

but… maybe it was just a poor intro to set up the premise of the first episode.  Hooking up still has hope.

26 seconds: I kinda like the theme song, it gives me one of those “day of our lives passing by” kinda feelings.  The tagline “you don’t learn everything in college” seems overdone though.  I should look it up later.

34 seconds: AHH kevjumba’s character name is Ryan… NIGAHIGA for life

40 seconds: Okay, between 34 and 40 seconds the both kevjumba and SXEphil scoffed at one another.  This might be unrelated to the show but real people DONT make that “pshh” sound because its just a complete asshole move.  Wouldn’t you be weirded out if you were asking your friend “hey, do you know when (blank) is due)” and they respond with “PSHHH, I don’t know? ask someone!”.  Because you didn’t figure out that you should ask someone right? You were just sitting there and thinking, “What do I typically do when I need information that my friends/acquaintances might know?”

50 seconds: Don’t really have the same problem with the “use facebook” line.  My issue is more with the layout of the room.  Do people really decorate like this shit?  This is such a stock college room.  Sexy girl poster? check.  Dartboard, check. Colorful random accessories? check. Just some typical college guys, chilling in their room… yessir

1:03 :And to the stock girl room… fluffy random stuff? check.  General pink and purple coloring? you get my point.  I’m sure a lot of people actually decorate like this.  But i hate those people.

1:07 : Baskdude69? First of all, this implies he created this screenname after entering college right? I don’t know anyone who just has so fucking little creativity by the time they enter college that their screen name has the name of their college in it or anyone who has “69” in their screenname that isn’t one of those IM Pornsite Bots.  I’m beginning to get the picture that this whole show is just stock shit.

1:32 : I dunno, maybe during Perspectives class, SXEphil saved her from a pack of hungry mountain lions or some shit like that.  Otherwise, can’t really understand the attraction.

1:38 : This brunette girl is really jewish.  Just a thought.

1:51 : At this point I am realizing that this episode is basically going to be a back and forth between the two rooms.  Nothing wrong with that, I like Grease.

2:00 : Okay, how the hell did lonelygirl get to college without flirting with a guy online? Why is she completely inept at this, to the point that she needs her friend to dictate the lines to her? Maybe she was part of some crazy cult and was killed off by one of the elders?

2:37 : This could seriously be a show about middle-schoolers.  I can’t stress this enough… Also the saying what you type thing is an issue for me.

2:53 : I kinda like this “whats the freaking reading” synonymously.  I mean its unrealistic, but that ship sailed a while ago.  The way kevjumba and SXEPhil’s heads bob in unison reflects the kind of friendship that I want.

3:10 : Oh my god, the parallels between these two parties are amazing!  They lead to comical situations such as one group watching t.v., while the other group waits for a response so they can watch t.v.  Oh gosh, how men and women misunderstand one another! Its just like Seinfeld!

3:30 : Okay this is just completely incongruent and lazy.  Why would lonelygirl leave so willingly only to suddenly struggle to get back to the chat?  That scene while the two of them were watching “The Hills” must’ve been god awful.

3:38  : Jewish girl knew the reading the whole time?!  This is the twist of the episode right?  wait…


4:05 : OR is this it? SXEphil may need to ask lonelygirl about polisci! this might lead to these two groups merging and specifically to the beginning of a CRAzy romance.  You fucking moron whiteboy, learn to multitask!

4:22: Ahh, stop pushing and pulling at my emotions!!! Why can’t these two parties just communicate better? … Busty black girl is cute though.  Once again, love the synonymous talking.

Okay… Honestly, as I watched this show I just felt like some points (awful acting, predictability) weren’t worth mentioning.  After one episode, I definitely think our show is the better one… but inferior to this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXFCPUlGYEM

props Insertwittynamehere

– Windowsilk


~ by sometimelove on October 5, 2008.

One Response to “HOOKING UP!”

  1. Oh, Hilarious. Can you please do a review like this for EVERY EPISODE HAHHA ~InsertWittyNameHere

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