veni, vedi, vici

it’s been a while.

i am currently feeling like a soldier returned from war.

home is all different. home is not home.

i see more wrecks here than i saw on the battlefield.

but it’s ok, i will rebuild with my two hands.

i will make this mine again.

i’ve had some pretty interesting conversations lately with people that have completely taken me off guard and helped me revolutionize the way i look at my own life.

-i talked for 2 hours with a janitor in a community services building that i work at.

we talked about the blues – how you need soul and torment and a history of suffering to really be able to claim it as your own. we talked about modern pop music – how shallow it was, how interesting it was. we talked about paris, we talked about seeing the world.

we are all children, really. this world IS too big for us, though it may sometimes seem so small.

-i talked to a friend about hope, and the constant battle of good and evil that prevails within the tiny spaces in our heads.

-i talked to a girl who demanded to be loved yet refuses to love others.

-i talked to a man who was slowly disassociating himself because he was moving to a faraway land.

-i talked to a girl who told me she was one step away from suicide at any given second.

-i talked to myself.

-i talked to God.

who am i really? i believe that life is what you make of it, but at the same time i’ve felt powerless to do anything.

the future is so bright it blinds me, so i look away and complain that i can’t see the future.

this year is my last hurrah before i go into adulthood, and i, for one, am going to live it up.

if you hear any wild tales about me, they’re ALL TRUE.

on a lighter note,

Nike has been coming up with some clean packs for their infamous AF1 model lately:

“the chambray oxford cloth pack”



my favorite colorway

my favorite colorway

gumsoles so sexy

gumsoles so sexy

unfortunately, these ARE supreme editions, which means they come with a price tag of at least $120 each.

Nike also collaborated with Italian outfitters Slam Jam on “the optical pack”

patent leather baby.

patent leather baby.

get your shine on.

get your shine on.

though hypebeasts (posers, biters, brandhumpers) out there are dissociating themselves with the AF1 for more streamlined models like dunks and flashier hightop shoes, i’m finding myself falling more and more in love with the AF1. I’ve grown up hating their silhouette, which always seemed too chunky for my small stature and size 9.5-10 feet, but recently, Nike’s execution their releases for this model has been excellent. clean and to the point.

on a sidenote, or as a side effect, i guess, i’m feeling more and more disgusted by the newest slew of dunks and sb’s that have come out, which surprises me, considering what a big sb head i am. i guess what it all comes down to is that the more hype a model has, the lazier Nike gets.

i’ve been getting into some new tunes lately, i’ve had these albums around for a while now, but i’ve been so busy i haven’t really had the time to get into them. so sorry Androdroid, if i’m behind the times 🙂

without further ado, here are some artists y’all should definitely check out:

-adele  (check out: “chasing pavements”, “crazy for you”)

-black kids (“i’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance”, “look at me”)

-mystery jets (“two doors down”, “young love”)

-laura marling (“new romantics”)

-david jordan (“sun goes down”)

-andy burrows (“boxes”)

-chairlift (featured on the newest ipod commercial) (“bruises”)

-leon jean marrie (“bring it on”)

-tokyo police club (“your engish is good”, “tessellate”)

don’t forget that life is good, it just depends on how bitter you want to be.

much love/Godbless,



~ by sometimelove on September 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “veni, vedi, vici”

  1. You just reminded me once again that I’m hanging out with under aged boys. I still don’t understand sneakers, but you wrote some very good lines there kiddo! =) so, u and the janitor talked about Paris Hilton or Paris the city? u need to share these stories over drinks with me some day. miss u too.

  2. great list, they are all on my d/l list in 3….2…..1….haha

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