Another post on Subway Rides….U Never Know Who U Would Run Into

This Sunday, as I was riding the 6 train to church….I saw a guy getting on the train and sat down across from me.  I thought he might be Mr. Insertwittynamehere……but I couldn’t be sure…..because it has been 6 yrs since I last saw him.  So I tried to analyse his face, his outfit, his bag with limited vision that’s being blocked by ppl in between.  And my probability came out to be 90% sure.  And just as I anticipated, we were getting off at the same stop.  As we were walking parallel out of the train, we looked at each other and called out each other’s name with a slight sense of uncertainty.  Bingo!  We were both right.  haha.  Another chapter adding to the stories of “I ran into someone I haven’t seen for years in NY today”  NY really is the place to be.  Being it’s a walkable city and events going on everywhere, it always surprises me to see who I would run into next.  Some are pleasant, some are not.  But of course, this one being utterly pleasant.

So Me and Mr. IWNH sat together at Redeemer and had dinner afterwards to catch up….while Mr. Debutane interrupted our dinner with a phone call:  “You ran into Natalie Portman?!” hhaha, just kidding, it was good to hear your voice.

I guess that’s why New Yorkers tend to dress better than rest of the States?  Maybe they had to be prepared to run into the unexpected on daily basis.  But FYI, it was my lazy Sunday…I did not dress up or even wore much make up.

And yea, that reminded me.  I also ran into Ms. Againstthewaves few weeks ago in Chelsea galleries area.  So, when will I be running into rest of the bloggers here?


~ by sometimelove on October 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Another post on Subway Rides….U Never Know Who U Would Run Into”

  1. it was SO GOOD getting to hear your voices, Androdroid and insertwittynamehere, shall i join you two soon? i think SO.

    let’s plan a blog reunion! hahaha 🙂

  2. good times. GREAT running into you. =) ~insertwittynamehere

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