Project Runway needs to die…

I couldn’t help overhearing a group of teenage girls in the subway talking about what a shame it was for missing the project runway show and that they “really REALLY want to go visit Parsons”, i mean it was in “OMG I need to go visit Parsons!” kind of way. I could not help myself….I had to roll my eyes and gave them a death stare. I wanted to confront them to their face that Project Runway is worth shit and Parsons is not what you dreamed to be…..and it’s not even what it looks like on TV. FYI – All sets for that show had to be taken down and paint over when filming is over. But of course I refrained myself because I didn’t want to appear bitter.

Does that make me a bitch? well, it wasn’t their fault really…..teen tourists coming from somewhere NOT New York, the only fashion world they know is what’s being projected on screen and magazines. Project Runway is at blame. It picks the stupidest ppl, the gayest, the most bitchy snotty divas to be on the show and it’s so rare to actually spot a real talent on that show. Most designs they did are shit. They are tacky, unintelligent, and over the top ugly. I hate the fact that Project Runway is making fashion look more snotty than ever, more unfriendly than ever, more obnoxious and more “celebrity washed” than ever. It has made fashion look even more detachable from art and personal expressions. All in all, it dumbed down fashion for the general public. And naturally, the school is getting overloaded with increasing applicants every year and they are not even trying to be selective because they love the tuitions they are getting.

So that was my 2 cent and now you know why I hate that show.


~ by sometimelove on August 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Project Runway needs to die…”

  1. Yeah! and I hate whites and spics! Gimme a holler when you get a chance.

    – Windowsilk

  2. what? i don’t get it.

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