5:31 AM – After the Wire. All other TV Sucks.

I’m leaving for NYU in the morning. Been packing. So, I was SUPPOSED to be writing some TV pilots for my agent, and I was doing good on that until I started watching the Wire. So ya, I have a ton of notes but no ACTUAL writing because as soon as the “writing” part begain, I started watching the Wire. I’ve met my two new favorite characters on TV. Snoop and OMAR!

Yeeee. I am just raving about the show now (yes, I know 5 years too late!) But that was definetly the best spent sixty hours of my life. Ever… in terms of TV watching. haha.

So yes, obviously I am procrastinating my packing. I’m nervous for some reason, but I don’t know why. I’ve got lots of friends in NYC and a purpose but still. Very nervous. I think I just like home too much.

Well, I’ve got a week before classes start so hopefully I’ll get SOME writing done. well. Aight. I’m outtie.



~ by sometimelove on August 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “5:31 AM – After the Wire. All other TV Sucks.”

  1. you are coming to NY? hit me up.

  2. hi androdroid. I will. as soon as I figure out who you are. hahaha. I never looked at the list, I have no idea who else posts on this haha. send me a facebook message or something. I’m in NY now. =) ~InsertWittyNameHere

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