South Park

Okay, first of all 221 people viewed debutante’s last post? I seriously didn’t want this to be a competitive thing but that is just so freaking lopsided. Eh so be it, it is what it is right guys? We gotta try to at least get enough views between us to match debutante, so go team! hurrah.

So i’ve fallen into a weird pattern of things in which I’m usually so freaking tired after work on friday that I’ll come home and pass out for maybe 5-6 hours until around 10 a clock. At this point I suddenly realize that I can’t waste my weekend and need to go out and try to fit in as much hanging out and “relaxing” as I possibly can into the next couple days. In this sense, I think that working has really forced me to have a sense of urgency all the time, which is good sometimes but also stressful and disorienting. Disorienting because I end up sleeping around 5-6 on friday and saturday and then on sunday I can never sleep since i have to wake up at 7. So basically I’ve just been cramming in a bunch of south park episodes while I try to sleep and ending up just pulling all-nighters on monday, ensuring bad sleep for the rest of the week, and overall hating myself.

Now after watching each episode of South Park multiple times I feel that I am relatively qualified in giving my personal top 3 list:

1. Scott Tenorman Must Die – This is an old classic and I think actually a relatively conventional pick for top episode. That aside, It really elevated the realm of possibilities within South Park given that Cartman’s ability to carry out homicidal sadistic plans is shown in its full capacity. It builds up so well to the twist ending and throws viewers off to what format episodes are going to take (given that many of Cartman’s plans are usually thwarted and episodes end with him in failure). At the end of this one you are laughing in just shock and disbelief over how outrageous it is and it makes you respect the writers in new ways.

2. The Return of Chef – For me personally, I love the fact that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are able to use South Park as an outlet in their personal beefs (such as with Isaac Hayes and Scientology). This is an episode for fans without a doubt so that might be a strike against it, but as a long time follower I like how you needed to be aware of their dispute with scientology and the background of the show to really understand it. Other than that I just think the voice splices are funny and the fact that they made a major character turn into a child molestor thats part of child molestor adventure group.

3. Sexual Harassment Panda – Now this might not be on anyone else’s list. IT JUST DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. But it cracks me up watching this panda sing “sexual harassment panda” and using images of little panda cubs being touched to illustrate what constitutes sexual harassment. THEY HIRE A FREAKING PANDA TO TEACH THE SCHOOL ABOUT SEXUAL HARASSMENT! Panda is one of my favorite one-time characters because its just this world where PSA mascots are devoted to their jobs and stay in uniform all the time looking for causes and that theres a frreaking island they get sent to. Apparently it was a satire of sexual harassment lawsuits at the time, but why a Panda? I’m really trying hard to communicate the absurdity to you right now, so hopefully you’ll watch the episode and get what I’m talking about. Man, maybe i’m just an idiot.

GO CHINA! Seriously, bringing the heat this year.


~ by sometimelove on August 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “South Park”

  1. you should write the story of how y’all met ~InsertWittyNameHere

  2. i actually think “the end of chef” (i made up the name) was better than “the return of chef”. hahha, how we all met?! that’d be a really boring story.

  3. o shit, i just realized that we are talking about the same episode. It called return of the chef? i thought he died! In that case…..I 100% agree with you! Those are THE SP Classics! but all my stoner friends thinks Towie (the smoking towel) was the best one ever.

  4. Hello.
    🙂 reflects the couple’s low-key approach to their royal connections.

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