itouch myself

Its that time of year again for me… new cell phone time. I’ve always been a fan of t-mo for their 1 year service plans and their lovely customer service which has these lovely loopholes that allow for current customers to sign up for free phones while keeping their number.

As i progressed on my research i started to wonder, has the downfall of the MP3 player/PMP come?

i’ve been using WinMo phones for the past 2 years, and i must say, i am thoughly impressed with microsoft. Not because windows 6.1 was the greatest platform ever built, but for the fact that they actually gave out the binaries and SDK to everyone early and was transparent in its developement compared to that other brand…

i will say that i do have a tremendous bias towards that lovely apple company, i’ve hated macs from the day that i played Warcraft II on one and realized there was no right click. i’ve never owned a ipod, macbook, or have had that resource hog known as itunes on my computer for more than 3 days.

but alas, thats not the point, the downfall of PMP (personal media players)

I find that only an idiot would drop 299 on a 8gb ipod touch. what is the point? What is so great about this thing? ok so it can playback 640×480 videos @ 1.5 mbps…ok how great will that look on your 4.5×2.5 in screen? can you even tell the difference from a 320×240 video? As it stands 8gb MicroSDHC cards are in the area of 100 dollars now. that leaves anyone with a brain 200 dollars to get themselves another PMP that could do so much more. for goodness sakes people, get a PSP, you’d atleast have a GREAT gaming platform with a larger community for support.

Once most phones embrace SDHC, the sky is the limit on memory capacity. why would one bother with a mp3 player? its only another waste in your pocket.

The way i see it, its all over. the further we progress, the better the phones get. With AD2P profiles on most new phones, streaming stereo sound to your bluetooth headsets is easy now. Faster cheaper phones are rolling out every moment. And phones are begining to embrace the touch screen made sexy by apple.

i often drool when i think of all the phones coming out in Japan. where pictures sizes are measued in megapixles, pluarl not singular. where connectivity reigns king. and point and shoot cameras are fast becoming a dying breed.

I look at my camera and mp3 player laying on the desk and wonder, will i ever invest in one of you again?

my current dream phone, HTC diamond, the one on the right.

and that is what i think of iphones haha


~ by sometimelove on August 6, 2008.

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  1. i want that phone ~InsertWittyNameHere

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