when do you get off work?

What’s good b’s and g’s!

Your boy debutante is back, and I’m here with some reviews, y’all.

Last night, my friend and I decided to go out to a dinner and movie, and after eating drunken noodles at the delicious Sy Thai in downtown Birmingham – where there were like 100 beautiful girls and one beautiful guy, we took a stroll to the nearby theater – the Palladium, and decided on “Step Brothers”, the newest film starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. But more importantly to me, the film was produced by Judd Apatow, and because I’ve been trained by the Ivan Tsang school of film, I’ve grown to love his work.

The Ugliest Siblings EVER.

The Ugliest Siblings EVER.

To be honest, I didn’t really expect to like it that much. Will Ferrell has been getting less humorous with each new release, and John C. Reilly has never been that captivating to me. But this film immediately appealed to me because of its obtrusively anti-Asian attitude of taking your time and slowly finding your way in life. I was enamored with Ferrell and Reilly’s perfect chemistry on screen, and they really captured the youthfulness of our childhood and the ease of making friends that comes with the age. Unfortunately, all the supporting characters were weak and trite – with the exception of Andrea Savage as “Denise”, who almost steals the show. The pace also moved too slow for my liking at times, and I felt that a lot of scenes could’ve been cut to make this movie flow better and exude more energy. Overall, it was an entertaining movie, and if you’re looking for something to unwind and laugh along to, this is your movie (until The Pineapple Express comes out).
Grade: 7.5/10
I fell in love today with The Bridges. I saw their video on youtube and I instantly felt my heart melt. Ok, this MAY be due to the fact that I’m totally crushing on the bassist and the guitarist, whose images make me giggle like a school boy uncontrollably, but their music is undeniably catchy.
The Bridges – Pieces
Yes, I know what you’re thinking. “Wait, aren’t they the Dixie Chicks?” First of all, Dixie Chicks suck as much as Mike Myers’ last eight films (why won’t he just give up? GIVE UP MIKE MYERS). Second, The Bridges are ten times, make that a hundred times more talented and charismatic than the Dixie Chicks. Though it’s true that their band make-up is entirely cliche (all siblings with a few cousins thrown in? Kings of Leon anyone? Hanson?!), and the all girls with the one token male drummer thrown in thing has been done before (see Eisley), it really feels like the similar DNA between the members is a plus in this case. Their harmonies are flawless, and their music is neither pretentious nor pushy. Also, have I mentioned just HOW BEAUTIFUL the guitarist and bassist are? I WANT TO MARRY THEM. AT THE SAME TIME.
I love the soulful delivery of the lead singer – she really reminds me of Janis Joplin – except she’s not as brash, and she’s not insane. Yes, I know The Bridges are basically just a reincarnation of Eisley, who are just a reincarnation of Sixpense None The Richer, but I’d like to think that with each reincarnation, the band has gotten more experienced.
“Pieces” is definitely the strongest song on their album – “Limits of the Sky”, but also check out “One Way.”
So I was talking to WindowSilk, and he brought up the idea of making a list of the girls we’ve TRULY loved. (Yes, we know it’s from High Fidelity). I thought it was a very interesting idea, so here’s my list:
  1. Age 14 – during a band concert, I ran into her in the hallway. We didn’t know each other at that point, but she was complaining to her friend that she was really hungry. I gave her some Twizzlers I just bought. It soon developed into my first love. She was a year older, and introduced me to a side of town I’ve didn’t know before and haven’t known since. A week before Christmas, she left me for an older guy. They are now blissfully married (i hope) and have a beautiful boy.
  2. Age 15 – My friends suckered me into joining marching band – I loathed it going into it, and I came out hating it even more. But on the first day of training camp, a girl came and introduced herself to me. Initially it was for her friend, but the more we talked, the more we had to say to each other. But I eventually said goodbye to her, though there would be many more “hello’s” after that.
  3. Age 15 – My best friend told me she loved me. I told her I loved her too. at first we were just kids messing around, but it soon grew into something so strong that I was having a hard time just hanging on. I slowly learned how to treat a girl right, I learned the hard way what not to say, what not to do. I learned to be less selfish, and I changed myself completely for her. Gone was the wild, youthful, and flirtatious boy, and I transformed into a reserved, sarcastic and introverted gentleman. In some ways, I was more miserable, but in other ways, I was happier than I’ve ever been. I lived above the clouds for six years, when the sun shone, I was completely basked in happiness, but when it rained, I was drenched with no cover. The trouble with flying is that when your wings get too tired to flap anymore, it’s a long way to fall. I’m finally standing on my feet again.
  4. Age 18 – Out of fear that I wasn’t making anything out of my limited high school career, I threw myself into a myriad of after-school activities and clubs. One of those was the musical. I went into musical practice everyday with my heart beating out of my chest. At first it was because I had no previous musical experience and I was nervous of what the other experienced veterans in the musical would think of my bumbling movements and cracking voice. But the reason for my panicked state soon became her. I immediately noticed her on stage during the first day of practice. Then, as chances would have it, we became dance partners in the musical. This meant close proximity, sensual dancing. every. day. I had a girlfriend at the time, and this wrecked me. I am not an unfaithful man. Therefore, I cut myself off from her completely. I never told her why.
  5. Age 18 – I was going through a rough patch in my relationship, and the distance between me and my girlfriend was tearing us apart. It also didn’t help that none of my friends understood what I was going through. I didn’t really have anyone to talk to about my loneliness, but she listened. She gave me undivided attention and at the same time represented everything I couldn’t have. I never acted upon it, for I would never hurt anyone I love, especially my girl. But it’s never easy saying no to something that is completely tempting and off-limits.
That was my history in love, though it was really hard to differentiate between hard crushes and love because I get so emotionally invested in EVERYTHING. Yes, I have a poor romantic track record. YES, I am a monster of the most grotesque functions. But you see, people fall in love everyday, and I believe that it’s what you act upon the feelings that really show who you are.
I hope that the next time I fall in love, I hope I can treat her the way she deserves to be treated.

~ by sometimelove on July 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “when do you get off work?”

  1. the video link doesn’t work…

  2. wow…

    … that’s… a mad personal entry…
    It’s funny that I only knew #1 as lol, #2 as “two,” and #3 well…

    hang in there dude. time is a fickle fickle thing… but it always catches up eventually.

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