Kierkegaard, Brothers K, and Mass Confusion

“The biggest danger, that of losing oneself, can pass off in the world as quietly as if it were nothing; every other loss: an arm, a leg, five dollars, a wife, etc. is bound to be noticed.”  Soren Kierkegaard

Assignment #1: an introduction of myself.  Okay… seriously??  Isn’t that the assignment of our lives– especially for a postmodern soul… (haha)?

I am… scattered.  I am persistently perplexed at life’s aims.  I am optimistically nihilistic.  I am… postmodern, post-groundedness, post-punk, post-angst.

I am restless.

Aside#1: when was the last time anyone has gotten some real rest in this world, anyway?  To do, to be.  When did it become difficult to separate the two?  To be, to want.  Even harder.

I am… to want to be.

Aside #2: the church keeps talking about sabbath like it’s an easy concept.  Stop working, stop depriving yourself of sleep, stop studying, just stop.  But I don’t think sabbath was ever intended to be simple.  I don’t think Christianity was ever intended to be simple.  I think the two encompass more of a reality: one that rings true and deep in the restless prisons of our human souls.

I am… prison: a fine line between solitary rest and solitary confinement.

Tangent #1: what does it mean to be alone with oneself?  What is it to be alone with the restless soul?  Alone with our very selves…?

Perhaps this is the great test of whether one has lost oneself or truly has oneself: in solitude.  Can we be alone with ourselves and find meaning?  Do we sense stability and peace?  Or… do we find a sense of emptiness, loss, and restless wandering?  A sense of loneliness the world has ever seen?

The soul cries out to find oneself again!  And maybe in time… I’ll find some rest again, too.  But for now… deep cries out to deep.  I can’t seem to unravel myself from the intricacies that human life has to offer.  And could it be… that God intended man to love one another for the sake of freeing the very selves we were trying to escape from all along?

Could it be…?  That God created culture.  And I think it’s beautiful.

“The blizzard of the world//has crossed the threshold//and it has overturned//the order of the soul.” Cohen

I have no idea who I am.  At least not yet.


against the waves ❤

//Debutante, I’ve been trying to escape my body too.  Shades of Grey, fight the urge to isolate.  We might lose ourselves and it’ll pass off without a wink; but we’ll have saved our imprisoned souls.


~ by sometimelove on July 23, 2008.

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