sUmmEr dAYs

I woke up at 5 AM this week to catch a flight, it was the first time in perhaps a year that I’ve forced myself to wake that early. It is also perhaps the first time in an year where I’ve had the time to enjoy the sunrise, to take in the smell of the grass, the morning dew and just the majestic calmness.

As the day progressed, i felt myself at ease, looking at the world with luminicent eyes, everything and anything had beauty. And i wondered, could i live a day without technology? So, my challenge for the day was to do just that, to exist using as little technology as possible.

I began my day by skipping the bus to the L, and instead walked… (a decision i later dreaded for i missed my connecting bus by 15 minutes). i looked at the empty streets, and imagined the drones that would soon swarm them, i chuckled as if my destination was much better. when i got to the station, i took the first step in my quest, i paid in cash instead of with the serial number that I’ve been assigned.

taking the L all the way to the Don Ryan almost took an hour. i tried to fill my time by reading the new paper that i found on the seat next to mine, it was filled with mindless drivel about the latest celebrity gossip and advertisements for 300 Prada bags, i felt neurons slowly fading away in my head. whenever i saw someone who was not chained to their ipod i would try to make conversation, but at the ungodly hour of 6:30 AM, no one was truly accepting of a hyperactive 22 year old.

i got through the morning rush without using my technology, only to find that since i have not used my cell phone, i didn’t know i missed my Grey Hound bus, i frantically searched for other connecting routes and was lucky enough to find another out of downtown. once i rode the L north again, this time asking others for time just to be sure that i would not miss my ride home, i felt dirty for cheating.

the bus ride was 6 hours, and fortune shined upon me for i had a book, i thought these next 6 hours would be a breeze. little did i know that there would be 2 babies on the bus, and fortunate for me, i was sandwiched between their cries of attention. i stared out the window praying that someone would gag these insolent children, but as i looked around, one by one, people began to cede from this world, laptops were powering on, headphones were plugged in, eyes were closing.

i now knew why these babies cried out, for we have all made ourselves islands, secluded from one another. content to stay within the confines of ones own castle, using technology for sustenance, and casting off the company of others.

i gave in after 3 hours on the bus, the naps had failed, book was boring, and the view was nothing new. i surrendered to technology, turning on my mighty t-mo wing, i plugged in my headphones, started to text people and chuckled at the poor babies… i’ve surrendered


~ by sometimelove on July 20, 2008.

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