use me. bed me. be familiar with me.

what’s good, what’s good?

it’s your boy debutante here, and i’m here to get this started.


now a short intro about myself.

i’m an average boy of less than average height and average weight with absolutely nothing interesting to explain or demonstrate.

i’m good at capturing your attention, huh?

the truth is, there is someone out there who is better than me at anything i can do. but the things that interest me, i will explore with fervor. the things i deem worth protecting, i will fight to the death for. the things that invoke emotion in me, i will hold close to my chest. 

i fall in love a hundred times a day with any girl that even looks my way.

but the thing is, i know nothing about anything.

i’m still too young to explain love.

i’m still too optimistic to forfeit to hopelessness.

i’m still too naive to demonstrate caution.

i have too many dreams to simply be who i am now, and i’m still fighting my way out of my body.

i’d like to be described as an artist, but right now i’m still a “kid.” 

and that’s enough about me.


i’ll explain what i know: fashion (especially streetwear), sneakers, music/artists to look out for, films, and pop culture.


hope to meet y’all real soon


godbless/much love



~ by sometimelove on July 18, 2008.

One Response to “use me. bed me. be familiar with me.”

  1. Awesome, I probably have never seen a young person, heck, maybe not even an older person that knows this much about themselves, and is willing to admit it and share on the internet for anyone to see. But the anonymity, does help, but people still are too afraid to be who they are. Keep it up, it is good for the soul to be familiar with ones self and willing to share, it shows a lot of maturity, that even most adults don’t posses. This is a blog I will have to keep up with, it is refreshing to see another young person who is not too enamored with what strangers think about them, and keeping up appearances, and isn’t afraid to be themselves. Peace out.

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